Problems of Double Personality of Stevenson’s the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Novel

In this novel, there are two actual altered characters in one individual. These characters are Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde. It is actual aberrant that in one individual, there are two altered characteristics. Moreover, these two characteristics are adverse to anniversary other. How can they action in one person? How can they so different? Is one of the personalities assertive another?

As I accept mentioned earlier, the characters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are in actuality in the aforementioned person. Dr Jekyll is a large, well-built, baldheaded man of fifty, sometimes searching a little too able conceivably but thoroughly affectionate and able. While Mr. Hyde is a attenuate and abbreviate man, his face is abounding with angry hate, bringing bad acquaintance to anybody who sees him. A being who has a bifold personality ataxia usually has two or added altered personalities in his self. He never realizes this action and lives commonly and appropriately a part of his accompany and family. Rarely appear that a bifold personality being knows about his added personalities. However, in this novel, Dr. Henry Jekyll knows absolutely his addition personality. He even gives a name to him, Mr. Edward Hyde.

At the alpha of the story, Dr. Jekyll still has the adeptness to ascendancy Mr. Hyde. Furthermore, he enjoys the actuality of Mr. Hyde. He aswell fells that by accepting Mr. Hyde in him, he can be added free, and that Mr. Hyde makes him complete as a man. He accepts that action and commendations it as a audible amusement and alone has a little argument aloft it.

Usually, a bifold personality being cannot ascendancy the change from one personality into the others. However, from the story, there is a time if Dr. Jekyll finds assertive drugs to change the accomplished agreement of one’s physique and mind, and to re-create them in a new form. His class is the attestant of the alteration anatomy of Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde, a personality who is actual different. Dr. Jekyll finds that Mr. Hyde is a car to accomplish him feels younger, lighter, and happier in physique and mind. Thus, by award a biologic to transform himself, he thinks that he can absolutely ascendancy Mr. Hyde and use him as abroad to get a claimed pleasure.

Nevertheless, there is a aberrant affair about the apparatus of the drug. From the adventure we get the consequence that R.L Stevenson tries to accomplish this adventure as a astute as possible. The actuality that bifold personality ataxia absolutely exists in the absolute apple strengthen this theory. However, it is abashed by the biologic invented by Dr. Jekyll. It seems actual aberrant that there is a biologic which can transform the accomplished actualization and brainy action of a person. Conceivably the apparatus of this biologic is acclimated to accent that Dr. Jekyll is able to ascendancy Mr. Hyde at the alpha and to be him anytime he wants.

As the time goes by, the personality of Mr. Hyde is accepting stronger and stronger. Dr. Jekyll starts to feel the ability of Mr. Hyde central his physique and soul. Without his consciousness, Mr. Hyde generally comes out and commits crimes. Dr. Jekyll never wants it to happen, but as Mr. Hyde is accepting stronger and boss him more, Dr. Jekyll again cannot handle him anymore. Even he feels weaker from day to day. By authoritative a will which includes the name of Mr. Hyde as his heir, he knows that assuredly Mr. Hyde will accept abundant ability to yield over him completely.

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